Boat Street Pickles

Seattle, Washington

Nothing is more American than pickles, right? Actually, Boat Street Pickles founder Renee Ericsson is on a mission to make you think again. In 1999, when traveling through Southern France in her mid-20’s, she had her first taste of pickles that were so much more than a sliver of green in a jar. Instead, the pickle was a sophisticated taste of something new, served with pate in a jar.

One taste of pickled perfection and Renee knew she was onto something significant. As chef and owner of Provencal-inspired Boat Street Cafe – a Seattle restaurant where she worked through college and later purchased- she introduced pickled condiments to the everyday vernacular of her menu, accompanying savory charcuterie, roasted meats, and rich entrees. Since her first pickled encounter, Renee has played wit the art of pickling just about everything from walnuts to beef tongue, fruits to vegetables, thereby changing the flavor profile of raw food into something exquisite, bright, and full of flavor.

An integral part of Boat Street Cafe’s dishes, Renee has now offered her pickles to those who aren’t lucky enough to visit her restaurant on the West Coast. Boat Street Pickles, founded in 2008, now carries compotes, canned foods, and pickled delicacies that are made from local fruits and vegetables native to the Pacific Northwest. It’s no wonder that chefs, specialty food shops, and restauranteurs have jumped at the opportunity to feature Boat Street Pickles’ product line in their stores, and why food-lovers have jumped at the chance to stock their shelves with this line of pickled goods that call Seattle home.