not without salt

Not Without Salt

Seattle, Washington

What began as a fast-track career in the finest kitchens of Beverly Hills – Spago, to be precise – has now evolved into a grounded lifestyle of good food, friends, and family for Seattle-based Ashley Rodriguez.

Ashley’s love cuisine first began in Italy, where her fascination with pasta carbonara and pistachio gelato trumped the conventional tourist attractions. Arriving home from her trip, she pursued food relentlessly, baking in her own kitchen and in the kitchens of the country’s most beloved bakeries and restaurants.
Today, the former pastry chef-turned-blogger spends her days serving a much different kind of clientele, including three young children and on very hungry husband. Ashley’s love of food and community bursts at the seams of her blog, Not Without Salt, where she shares her favorite recipes, photos, and how-to’s from her latest cookbook, Date Night In (Running Press 2014).