Skillet Street Food

Seattle, Washington

Chef Josh Henderson knows that good food starts in the kitchen, and shines on the street. The found of Skillet Street Food, he has revolutionized the term “street food” since 2007, when he took his one-of-a-kind lunch menus to the streets to feed happy Seattleites. The response was magnetic: now locals could enjoy the expertly crafted, chef inspired dishes on-the-go, lovingly prepared and artfully served from a charming vintage Airstream trailer that has become Skillet Street Food’s icon.

Since its debut, Skillet Street Food has reached more hungry bellies and happy customers, serving weddings, private parties, and corporate events throughout the Pacific Northwest. And, because the appeal of Skillet Street Food has tingled the tastebuds of customers from coast to coast due in part to the attention of niche food bloggers, national press, and celebrity chefs like Giada deLaurentis, Josh and his 100+ cohorts have introduced Skillet Street Food as a food products business supplying canned goods and fan favorites to households across America. The company’s products, which launched with humble roots, have also become staples within its three Seattle restaurants: two Skillet Diner locations and its latest concept, Skillet: Counter.