Mad River Valley, Vermont

There are few things more American than maple syrup, but Vermont-based producers Tonewood are rethinking maple’s singular profile by recreating it into wafers, cubes, flakes, creams, and seasonings. Founded by Dori Ross, Tonewood is on a mission to help people reimagine everyday recipes by introducing maple’s rich, piney flavor to their favorite dishes.

Located in the Mad River Valley, Tonewood’s local conditions are primed for premium quality, just as the “terroir” or “taste of place” resembles that of high profile wineries and vineyards that produce wine. With its deeply rooted trees. ideal climate, and growing conditions such as topography, geography, and rainfall, Tonewood has become synonymous with all-things-maple. A team of artisan sugarmakers have refined the springtime maple harvesting and crafting techniques, transforming thick sap into rich maple syrup with a full bodied clarity, color, density and flavor. In the warm days and cold nights, the temperature rises enough to thaw the sap reserves, causing excess sap to run through the taps for collection by Tonewood’s sugarmakers, who then boil the sap over a fire, concentrating, straining, and bottling the syrup in many different varieties.

Beyond its signature flavor, we love Tonewood’s syrup for its health benefits, particularly for those friends and family members who are looking for an alternative to sugary-packed syrups. Perfect as a natural sweetener, this syrup is low on the Glycemic Index, high in vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, all while low on calories. This lineup of maple inspired products is perfect sprinkled or stirred in your morning cappuccino, fresh fruit, salad dressings, and even on meats. Try a taste of Vermont with your next meal, and you’ll know why maple is the gift that keeps on giving.