Wax & Wick Candles

Chicago, Illinois

Wax & Wick handcrafted candles made in Chicago, IL – started as a men’s candle (mandle, man candle, whatever horrible iteration of your choosing) and has pivoted to be a REAL scent candle brand (think woods, earthy, even cologne). We wanted to create something we couldn’t find. We use 100% soy wax, FSC-certified wood wicks, phthalate free fragrance, and USA sourced jars/tins. During our seven months of research and development we discovered that most companies offering a “Soy Candle” were just using a soy wax blended with paraffin wax (10%/90% respectively). This seemed a bit misleading to us and we dedicated as much time and effort as it took to learn to pour perfect candles without relying on the blend.
Soy wax is more difficult to work with and the resulting candles aren’t always perfect. Also, soy blends are much cheaper to manufacture. You can find these types of candles at Marshall’s or any other discount store.
Having a day job isn’t the worst thing in the world, but our motivation was to be able to free ourselves from having a 9-5 and focusing more on a 24/7. Something we could create and own for ourselves. Being shackled to a desk and serving someone else’s needs for relatively low pay was the main motivator. The inspiration was simply to create something we could be proud of.