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Alaska Pure Sea Salt



Located in the coastal rain forest that reaches from Oregon to Alaska, Sitka is the wildest corner of the Pacific Northwest. Lovingly sourced, gathered, and harvested from these pristine waters that are the lifeblood of the isolated fishing community. Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. has elevated the are of craft and sea salt to a level beyond all imagination for home cooks and seasoned chefs alike. Differing sea salts both sweet and savory, combining traditional techniques with modern tools, reuniting America with the timelessness of salt and the perfection of everything coastal Alaska has to offer.


~Made by Alaska Pure Sea Salt Company in Sitka, Alaska. 4 oz.

Try this recipe for homemade spring ricotta with sea salt!

Sea Salt

Original Sitka Flake, Sitka Spruce Tip, Alder Smoked, Wild Blueberry


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