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AO AO Matcha Green Tea


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Get your caffeine fix with a side of antioxidants instead of a mid-day slump. Matcha tea is unique to Japan and full of health benefits that regular steeped tea doesn’t contain. That’s because, with Matcha, you’re actually ingesting the ground green tea leaf. The tea was originally used as a ceremonial drink for Buddhist monks who used it to calm their minds, which assisted in meditation. This particular tea comes from the Kagoshima region of Japan, known for its perfect growing and processing conditions, where only the best, most tender and juiciest tencha leaves are chosen. So go ahead. Take a sip of this buttery tea and see what all the fuss has been about for hundreds of years.

~ 30 g
~Good for plain tea, lattes or baking
~Makes 20 to 30 servings
~Green tea leaves
~Creamy mouthfeel with notes of full churned butter
~Light aromatics of toasted vanilla
~Sourced from 200-year old family farm in Japan


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