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Aquaovo Glass Vessel


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Summer may not be endless but it will be stylish with this EcoThermal Glass Infuser. This EcoThermal Glass Infuser is the ultimate eco-chic antidote to bottled water, styrofoam cups and smelly plastic bottles! Whether working up a sweat or maintaining that warm weather glow, this beautiful vessel will keep you hydrated throughout the day.

This eco-thermal insulated borosilicate glass infuser combines beautiful design with practicality. The double walled construction keeps drinks hot or cold longer without getting sweaty or too hot to the touch. Enjoy loose-leaf tea infusions without wasteful paper cups or paper filters or add citrus and herbs to cold water or iced tea. Provides fresh-tasting water, tea and coffee – just like your regular glassware at home. Wide Mouth accomodates fruit pieces and makes clean-up easy.


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