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Birch Caramel


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About the Maker

Birch syrup, the lesser known relative of maple syrup, is a rare treat to behold – especially when it’s made with the kind of care family-owned and operated Kahiltna Birchworks puts into every bottle.
Located in Talkeetna, Alaska, a small community and a stone’s throw from Denali National Park...

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Ice cream becomes something even more divine when paired with Kahiltna Birchworks’ ice cream topping, which is a sweet tooth’s dream come true: birch syrup is married in heavenly unison with butter, cream, and sugar to create a topping that makes frozen confections sing. Add this topping to fruits, breads, or drizzled over other spreads for an elegant touch that will have friends and family raving.

6.4 oz (190 ml)
100% Natural

Crabapples, the wild forgotten fruit of the past. My favorite treat of all time happens to be birch caramel apples. The tartness of the apples and the sweetness of the birch caramel tastes just like autumn!


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