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Boat Street Pickles


Photo of Boat Street Pickles

About the Maker

Nothing is more American than pickles, right? Actually, Boat Street Pickles founder Renee Ericsson is on a mission to make you think again. In 1999, when traveling through Southern France in her mid-20’s, she had her first taste of pickles that were so much more than a sliver of green in a jar. Instead, t...

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For over 20 years Seattle’s beloved Chef, Renee Erickson, has produced a variety of pickled fruits and vegetables as a way to preserve fresh, Northwest produce at the height of ripeness and flavor. This ‘healthy compulsion’ to pickle nearly everything soon became an integral part of what made the Provençal inspired cuisine of her first restaurant, the Boat Street Café so memorable. Now the pickles have become an essential pantry element in each of her famed restaurants and are sought out by many of her patrons and peers. Renee’s favorite pickles are now available for all to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

This collection of pickled fruits are like drops of sunshine on any dish. Pickled in  sweet-yet-tangy syrups of cider, mustard seed, thyme, and bay leaf, they create a signature taste and texture that enhance flavor of the most simple dishes. Add these pickles to side dishes like couscous pilaf or coleslaw salad, warm them in a skillet with a splash of champagne vinegar, or spoon atop sea bass or sole for a sweet complement to sea salt inspired dinner recipes. You’ll love the variety these pickles provide, on their own or as a complement to the dish of your choice.

Net Wt 9 oz (255g)
~Try these pickles as a topping for brie, or as a condiment to add that “wow” factor to your cheese plate.


Pickled Apricots, Pickled Figs, Pickled Raisins, Pickled Plums

These little gems steal the show in my grandmother's hand-me-down recipe for sour cream raisin pie! Although the recipe has been a signature in our family for generations, the flavor is heightened by these unforgettable raisins that trump store-bought convention and bring a taste of the Pacific Northwest to any occasion.


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