Green Chile Sauce
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Bunches & Bunches Moles & Sauces


For an extraordinary authentic taste of Mexico, put away your taco seasoning and leave your can opener in the drawer! Make your favorite Mexican-inspired dishes at home that have never seen the inside of a can with Bunches & Bunches’ line of secret sauces. Note, these are not “one of those condiments” you’ll use once, stock it in your fridge door and then throw out during an annual kitchen purge, (you’ll thank us later). Heat and Serve. Simmer over your favorite protein. Use as a braise, sauce, slather, condiment or secret ingredient to spice up any meal.
100% Natural.
Gluten free.
Approximately 5 portions per container.
Net Weight 15 oz (525 g).
Handmade and packaged with care by Bunches & Bunches Ltd. in Portland, OR.
Chile Sauce

Green Fire Roasted Chile Sauce, Smoked Oaxacan Sauce, Red Dried Chilaca Mole Sauce


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