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“Campfire Kit” Themed Gift Box


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Postcard Pantry is on a mission to source the very best handmade, handpicked, and homegrown food in the country. Turning food worth experiencing into experiences worth sharing.
Each gifting box begins with a mood board filled to the brim with colorful palettes, pieces of nature, and textures from our travels th...

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One of the great things about camping is breathing in fresh air and gorgeous views of wonderous scenery in the great outdoors. Celebrate wide open spaces from rugged mountain ranges where fir trees and glaciers stretch across the landscape to expansive deserts that bring balance and enrich our existence. Whether headed to the great outdoors or your backyard, our Campfire Kit will inspire a cozy evening of nostalgia with all the essential wilderness flavors. Grab the firewood, settle in on the forest floor for woodsy treats and slightly exaggerated storytelling around the campfire.

Contents Include:
~Signature Postcard Pantry Heirloom Wooden Box.
Hand made in Anchorage, Alaska. Re-usable and just right for storing beloved heirlooms or personal mementos.

~S’mores Kit Service for 4
Here is the quintessential summer camping treat, all grown up. It’s the ultimate melty, ooey-gooey, chocolate graham marshmallow experience. Ticket Chocolate s’mores kit contains a portioned bar of the finest couverture chocolate, four vanilla-bean marshmallows, and eight freshly-baked honey vanilla graham crackers. Put them together and you have an indulgence unlike any other, outdoors or in.

~Tiny but Mighty Popcorn
What could be better than curled up fireside on the forest floor with popcorn and your favorite throw? This sweet-savory snack is an elegant twists on a childhood favorite, reminiscent of camping trips, movie nights, and back-to-school snacks. These kernels are the jack-of-all-trades of popcorn, perfect recreating into popcorn balls, snack mix, or any other sweet or salty recipes you can cook up.

~Hideaway Roasting Fork
These roasting forks are the difference between a burnt, uneven marshmallow and the most delicious s’mores you’ve ever made. The stainless steel camping fork has a telescoping rod that extends from 10″ to 42″, allowing you to do both close-up grill work or distance roasting over the fire pit. Perfect for hot dogs, toasted buns, and anything else you want to cook over the fire, make your next camping trip a culinary experience.

~Ticket Chocolate On A Stick
Swirl this block of the finest Belgian couverture into steaming milk and you’ll have a cup of hot chocolate worth lingering over. We can’t help feel that the stirring adds to the experience, soothing you over while building up anticipation for that first sip. These hot cocoa sticks are meant to be enjoyed nearly anywhere, making wherever you are feel a little bit cozier, if only for a cup.

~Enamelware Mugs
It’s the simple things in life that bring us the most joy, like a morning cup of coffee or a late evening cup of cocoa. Savor the start or ending of your day, whether at home or on a camping trip, with a beautiful enamelware mug from Barn Light Electric. Each cup is hand spun from high-grade steel by craftsmen then placed into a porcelain enamel oven for firing. With the knowledge and skill of over 100 years of traditional craftsmanship, the company makes these beautiful mugs to last a lifetime.

~Juniper Ridge Campfire Smudge Sticks
The aromatic smells of white sage from the California’s High Desert, mugwort from Northern California’s forest rivers and siskiyou cedar from the Pacific northwest will transport you to the edge of a wilderness you’ve always known. It’s the smell of a sun setting and the approaching chill nightfall; the woods with every inhale.


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