Cream of Barley Breakfast Cereal


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When you’re starting your day, bacon, eggs, toast, and a gallon of coffee taste great, but a large breakfast often leaves you tired, full, and in a food coma (save this for cozy Sunday morning). The solution? Start your day with a healthy, heaping bowl of Cream of Barley Breakfast Cereal. Throw in some fruit and drizzle with honey to start your day right.
Stone ground from 100% whole grain hulless barley grown on a family farm in Delta Junction, AK. Barley is a nutritional powerhouse, clinically proven to be heart healthy and reduce the risk for developing type 2 diabetes and pre-diabetes.

~Instead of mixing your barley cereal with boiling water, heat up milk very slowly until it begins to form small bubbles around the edges of the pot, then gradually add your Alaska Flour Company Cream of Barley Cereal and stir until done. Once you’ve experienced this level of creaminess, you may never go back.
~Net Wt 2lb


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