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Luxe Staycation Spa


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Postcard Pantry is on a mission to source the very best handmade, handpicked, and homegrown food in the country. Turning food worth experiencing into experiences worth sharing.
Each gifting box begins with a mood board filled to the brim with colorful palettes, pieces of nature, and textures from our travels th...

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Our Luxe Staycation Spa for Her gift provides everything needed to bask in an afternoon of pure escape right at home – special occasion or not. With products whose every detail is lovely – from an all-natural soak to a luxurious body creme and wild harvested tea, the Staycation Spa gift box will turn even a few spare moments into a sweet getaway. The perfect gift for the special lady in your life.

This handpicked assortment includes:
~Signature Postcard Pantry Heirloom Wooden Box.
Hand made in Anchorage, Alaska. Re-usable and just right for storing beloved heirlooms or personal mementos.

~ArXotica Quyung-Lii Anti-Aging Serum
Here it is, the holy grail of skin care slowing the aging process backed by science! Worthy of the splurge and perfect for simplifying your regime by retiring all other products cluttering your bathroom. You and your bathroom shelf will be on point! In the land of the Midnight Sun, Arctic flora battle nearly 24 hours of sunlight a day in one of the most extreme conditions known to man. This plant life is armed with super hardy vitamins and minerals to thrive and sustain. Wild harvested superfoods in this serum defend your skin against the environment’s aging effects. Chock full of the Alaska’s most active organic botanicals, this serum is worthy of the Cup’ik Eskimo name, Quyung-lii (kai-oong-lii) the potent one.

~Urban Oreganics Beet Tinted Lip Butter
This luxurious lip butter goes on super smooth and adds a *mild* tint to bare lips or cheeks. With a variety of nourishing butters and oils, this balm is sure to become a must-have in your daily routine.
✧ organic pure virgin coconut oil: hydrates and conditions skin, retains moisture, anti bacterial
✧ organic raw shea butter: retains moisture, anti inflammatory, anti aging, soothes irritated skin
✧ candelilla wax: anti inflammatory, treats acne
✧ organic beetroot powder: improves blood flow, anti-aging, mild color & aroma
✧ non-GMO vitamin e oil: protects and repairs skin

~Simple &Crisp Dried Apple Crisps
Refined and timeless, a complementary treat of sweetness and tartness.

~Urban Oreganics Rosewater Toner
Whether your skin is oily, dry, or combination, our skin-brightening rosewater facial toner is for you! Toners are to be used in your beauty routine after cleansing and before moisturizing. This toner removes impurities and dirt left on your skin after cleansing, leaving your pores tight and preparing your face to fully absorb a moisturizer.
✧ [handcrafted] distilled rosewater: anti inflammatory, anti aging, soothes irritated skin
✧ organic alcohol-free witch hazel: anti inflammatory, soothes irritated skin, locks in moisture, protects against sun damage
✧ organic apple cider vinegar: treats acne, unclogs and minimizes pores, anti aging, anti bacterial
✧ organic lemon juice: brightens and evens skin tone, treats acne, reduces the appearance of scars and sun spots, exfoliates

~Juniper Ridge White Sage & Wild Mint Tea 
A wonderfully cozy, complex, mineral tea that tastes as good as it smells. Steep it light to tease the minty notes or leave the bag in the cup to release the deeper earthy tones. If you are feeling the party, add some bourbon to make a Juniper Ridge mint julep. Try over ice for a perfect summer tea.

Scent Notes:
~ Top notes of refreshing mint, herbal mid-tones, resinous base accents.
~ 100% Sustainably Wild Harvested White Sage (Salvia apiana), Organic Mint (Mentha ssp.), Wild Mint (Mentha ssp.)
~20 unbleached bags per tin

~Grown Alchemist Intensive Body Creme
Using organic formulations comprised of natural ingredients, Grown Alchemist has revolutionized the traditional approach to anti-aging skincare, body and haircare – real beauty results, without the use of harmful chemicals. Formulated with Rosa Damascena, Acai and Pomegranate to maximize the skins hydration and elasticity, the Intensive Body Cream will leave your skin looking revitalized and feeling beautifully soft.
Tube 120ml

~Farmhouse Fresh Green Tea & Marigold Mineral Soak
Green Tea & Marigold Gourmet Mineral Bath Soak uses a unique delivery system for its aromatic blend of organic green tea, white tea, marigold blossoms, mango and Atlantic Ceara, Pink Himalayan and Epson salts scented with green tea and cucumber oils.


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