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Organic Chili Amber Vinegar


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Maker Profile: Debbie Mullin, Wei Kitchen
It’s late afternoon again, and the sun is making its slow, sweet sojourn across the kitchen.
Tiptoeing across the stovetop, then the pantry doors, and finally the counter, it catches two bottles of amber vinegar and shallot oil in its midst. These tall prisms, long­n...

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Wei Kitchen’s organic-certified Amber Vinegar (made with organic rice vinegar) is a family recipe that pairs perfectly with Wei Kitchen’s popular Shallot Oil. Traditionally used on Vietnamese rice vermicelli bowls, it adds a sweet, subtle flavor to fresh greens, rice, or noodles to create an impressive Asian-inspired dish. Add to your favorite salad or side dish to brighten your everyday meals and entertaining.This spicy sister of our classic Amber Vinegar is now infused with all natural chilies.  Use as a condiment or salad dressing for an extra spicy kick.


Ingredients: Organic rice vinegar, dark brown sugar, anchovy extract, salt.

8.5 fl oz. (250 ml)


Amber Vinegar, Chili Amber Vinegar


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