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Simple & Crisp


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About the Maker

Sometimes, the moments that change our lives come from cataclysmic realizations. For Jane Yuan, it all started with a sliver of candied orange. Shaved down to near transparent perfection and candied to a sophisticated sweetness, her “eureka” moment was born as she tried to recreate the garnish using...

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These crisps are naturally gluten-free with a subtle sweetness and sophisticated-yet-nutritious appeal that pairs beautifully with wines, sweets, and a variety of cheeses. You’ll love these for seasonal parties that give a whole new meaning to autumnal eating.

Net Wt 44g (1.6 oz)
~30 slices per pack
~naturally gluten-free nature’s best cracker


Dried Orange Crisps, Dried Apple Crisps, Dried Pear Crisps


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