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Smoked Chocolate Chips


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About the Maker

When it comes to the culinary community, there’s always been an interesting correlation at play: the stronger the calling, the more unlikely the origin story. Gordon Ramsay attributes his foray into the kitchen to a freak football accident. Bobby Flay took up cooking as soon as he dropped out of high school. ...

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“The chocolate chip with Northwest swagger”

As a 4th generation Washingtonian, Hot Cakes founder, Autumn Martin grew up with the tradition of smoking salmon. As her Chocolatier career took shape, it became clear that she would honor the smoking tradition with her beloved medium ~ chocolate.

Net wt 7 oz
Cold-smoked over alder wood for 10 hours, these chocolate chips will transform your typical cookie recipe from good to sophisticated. Also use them to make hot cocoa, a whiskey milk shake, s’mores and an array of savory dishes such as mole and rubs.


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