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There are few things more American than maple syrup, but Vermont-based producers Tonewood are rethinking maple’s singular profile by recreating it into wafers, cubes, flakes, creams, and seasonings. Founded by Dori Ross, Tonewood is on a mission to help people reimagine everyday recipes by introducing map...

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If there were ever two words that were meant to marry in perfect harmony, they would be “maple” and “cream”. This indulgent, luscious maple cream combines the rich maple flavor of a syrup with the irresistibly smooth texture that gives a warm, delightful hug to toasts, pancakes, and frostings. Give your next dinner guest something to talk about by pouring melted maple cream over ice cream or popcorn!

Net Wt. 9 oz (256g)
~Maple Cream is made by cooking and whipping Pure Maple Syrup to a creamy consistency.
~Handcrafted in Vermont

There is one recipe in my breakfast arsenal that is foolproof when I'm entertaining out of town guests: creme brûlée oats. The secret sauce is this divine maple cream, which I spread over the top of the toasted oats and top with fresh, seasonal berries. My guests always sing their praises, and I have a feeling yours will, too!


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