White Sage Caramel Sauce


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When it comes to the culinary community, there’s always been an interesting correlation at play: the stronger the calling, the more unlikely the origin story. Gordon Ramsay attributes his foray into the kitchen to a freak football accident. Bobby Flay took up cooking as soon as he dropped out of high school. ...

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Sacred white sage has been used for years by many. Flourishing in the western parts of the Mojave and Sonoran deserts, it embodies all the beauty and flavor the magical desert has to offer. Hand-crafted in Seattle, each jar blends sweet caramel with white sage for an intriguing, herbal flavor.

It’s all about how it’s made. Taking the time to dry-burn, or caramelize the sugar until it gently smokes and turns a deep amber color, producing a depth in flavor only this method can produce. Using salt harvested off the Pacific Coast to enhance the smoky, authentic deliciousness of this true caramel.

7-ounce jar
~Drizzle over a roasted fruit tart,
~use in a cocktail instead of simple syrup,
~make a salty caramel milkshake or a wilderness sundae,
~elevate your s’mores,
~wilderness caramel hot cocoa…


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